There is a point in life when you decide to become the person God intended you to be instead of the person the world caused you to be.

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I searched for happiness for 50 years. Successful in business, wonderful family and a life of service in the church didn't hold the answer. I discovered in the second half of life I had been living someone's else's life. My life had been defined by the demands of the world around me and not by the values inside me. I decided to change. I began a journey to discover the real me and live free.

I came to understand many others are doing the same, living from the outside in instead of the inside out. I left a corporate career of 20 years and redefined myself based on my values and god-given talents. I found a life filled with contentment and joy.

My journey was difficult mostly because I did it alone. Although I found my answers, I had several false starts. I ultimately succeeded but the process would have been easier with a guide. I could have arrived sooner and safer with a coach who had already traveled that path.

I would love to be your coach as you address the obstacles keeping you from being fully you.